Thursday, February 28, 2013

Of Gem Stats (the road so far)

Recording my steps seems important to me and I do it to some unnecessary extent. But what can I do, I feel that this might be important someday. So here it goes a tracking of the progress of the gemstones.

March (1)

May  +1 (2)
Amethyst (from √°ine)

June +1 (3)

July +7 (v1-10)
Amber, Garnet, Opal (from trygve), Aquamarine, Peridot, Zircon, Quartz.

August +4 (v1.5-14)
Copper, Bronze, Silver (from vesta), Gold (from vesta).

October +10 (v2-24)
Emerald (from aquamarine), Sapphire (from aquamarine), Ruby (from aquamarine), Topaz (from aquamarine/amber), Pearl (from amethyst), Onyx (from zircon/chrysoberyl), Steel (from silver), Diamond (from quartz), Setting Stones (from peridot), Obsidian (from moonstone).

December +6 (v3-30)
Season Beryls (from peridot/chrysoberyl), Malachite (from peridot), Cobalt (from copper/zircon), Aventurine (from zhu rong/steel), Olivine (from peridot), Howlite (from lazulite).

February + 23 (v5-53)
Chrysoprase (from chrysoberyl), Turquoise (from peridot/topaz), Agate (from amber), Nephrite (from peridot), Carnelian (from aquamarine/ruby), Ilite (from aquamarine/ruby), Bohmite (from amber), Alunite (from amethyst), Tourmaline (from copper/zircon), Zeolite (from zircon), Feldspar, Marble (from garnet/opal), Jade (from lazulite), Zinc (from zircon), Lignite (from onyx), Iolite (from lazulite), Basalt (from copper), Copal (from cobalt), Crystal (from quartz), Hessonite, Helvite, Hiddenite, Herderite (all craft gems from howlite, with hiddenite coming from silver/gold).

Now, what can I read from this data? I don’t know.

But here’s something interesting, the way the new gems branch off from the original ten. It’s weird to think some of these were hidden in other so seemingly unrelated stones. But it seems I had them pretty solid, because I was just carving these dissidences out and the old gem is still there, pretty intact. I like seeing how the ten original are still strong as ever, I don’t know how I didn’t really mess it up completely. But I’m glad it’s working decently and today I think of them as my founding gems, pretty much like the elderly guiding youngsters. They create these main streams from where other gems guide themselves, so it’s also like classes and the leaders fight to have the new talent in their new group, but some found some competing tent for themselves, how daring of them. Or then they are like a growing family, and Peridot and Aquamarine are some proliferous mothers, for the love of god. Or then it’s like each new version brings new people, like every class every new year and a whole new story can be told. Alunite got in college and fell in love with Nephrite. Ilite and Carnelian were always hanging out together and laughing (some Merry and Pippin style of fun), while the H gems are the nerds and Bohmite simply is one like Bombur and Obelix and… pardon me, I digress.

One theme that happened here and that has happened with flames, with scourgers, with axioms and every other series of “collectible” stuff, it had its pioneer. Hephaestus, Csillag, Exhaustion. And for gems it was lazulite. And as it went, with the major crests being defined, soon I aimed for going nano. For the string story I’d be bothered with the never-ending exponential fractalization, but not so much here, no. What matters to me is to get fluent in this manner of understanding my experiences and also the surroundings during these experiences. 

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