Saturday, December 31, 2011

Of Shakesperean Verticality

It's not rare for me to hear how art is not supposed to be commercial, or how you are not supposed to be trying to please everybody because art has to be made with that out of mind. While that sounds pertinent and I admire the sincerity of the artist more than anything, I can't dismiss the fact that only recently that this anti-commercial, elitist view of art has been popularized.

I once had classes with a professor who was a renowned expert on Shakespeare, and he always told us how in his pieces he always had elements that were there to please all of his audience, from the peasants to the very king himself. It had elements for all classes, and everybody enjoyed his pieces, from drunks who slept in the mud to modern literary critics.

Whatever has happened to a display of art that gathers everybody in? I'm not saying the king and queen would ever be together with the peasants, maybe not even art can unstratify mankind. Also, of course the current modern society has much more varied tastes than a 17th century one, but I don't think it's impossible to make something everybody can enjoy, as ambitious and foolish as it may sound.

Of missing elements

There's something I remember experiencing when playing 2D games that is how they made you imagine the other D. For instance, side-scrollers never let you see the floors, and top-down games like rpgs never let you see the sky and surrounding landscape.

These games had it so limited that seeing that world in artworks were always a thrill. Sometimes the games would present us some pictures or a cutscene that showed the world from a different perspective, and that used to be such a rewarding final gift for us players.

It's something about the released catharsis, being forced to see the floors, the grass, the water, the sand. In the end, seeing the sky would always be such an incredible thing. It made the world look more interesting, somehow. It made me think of how, from the character's point of view, he was seeing those clouds, or that dungeon ceiling droping water all along. Playing games like this now make me so much more immersed.

Of course, I could bet these game developers would hardly think of that, considering it's only recently that videogames are starting to be studied theoretically the same way cinema or theatre, but still it seems to be mostly psychological studies to make mmo players more addicted. Anyway, I still hold a place in my heart for all those gems I've played on the Genesis and SNES...

Of unlimited imagination

In the middle of the current video game generation I've once decided to play a Zelda game for the Game Boy Color (Oracle of Seasons). The experience that I had was so great that it made me think how could I possibly have forgotten how fun videogames can be.

Now, that game has the most crude graphics as the pixels limitate the possibilities of artistic expression immensely (and in that way I agree limitation can be harmful), but perhaps that was exactly what made the journey so interesting. The more limited the graphics, the more I had to fill the information with my imagination. For instance, I have the memory of the first quest being sent to the beach and finding your sword. There you find a cave, some monsters you must evade, then find your sword and kill the enemies on the way back (released catharsis). Now, the game only has the ability to show you symbols of what things represent, such as sprites of trees representing florests, bushes that you know you can burn to open your way. It required from me the almost the same ammount of imagination as describing those things with words, so that's why it was, in the end, more engaging than most current jaw-dropping games. Also because they focused on the sweet gameplay.

As I said before, describing things with words require mindwork to create the imagery, and that's the reason why storybooks are still as appealing as ever as well. It's simply because, instead of being spoon-fed, some of us still prefer being engaged in the task of being part of the creation.

Of art and limitation

It seems that the more limitated are your resources, the better is the reception of your audience if you manage to overcome such limitation with your creativity. And it truly seems to me that the limitless that technology brings can sometimes damage this purity of art as humans overcoming limitations when expressing themselves.

Technology can so much bring new forms of art. I think video games are definitely art, and the graphic limitation of the consoles back then made gems to be created when there were challenges to breakthrough. For instance, blocky 3d is what makes Grim Fandango to have such identity in its aesthetics. And I don't mean it's so cute and charming as it tried to do its best with its poor ugly graphics, but rather the it has its identity because it was molded specifically over this poligonal limitation. Or take Silent Hill, and know that we wouldn't have that amazingly terrifing foggy city if the Playstation had the capability to allow us to see far way in the scenario. The fog was the trick invented to overcome this limitation, and nowadays one can't see a foggy street and feel the terror as we think we there.

Nowadays graphics can create ultimate realism, but so what... all those first-person shooters with realist generic soldiers aren't doing me good. Where are the characters created around the limitation of the 8-bits, like Mario having his mustache for us to see there was a mouth behind the pixel supposed to be his nose, and his hate because the pixels didn't emulate the hair properly. Or Metroid designers who wanted the players to know she had an upgraded armor, and colors didn't exist in the first game boy, plus as a side-scroller you couldn't show much of her chest and helmet, so there you go, Samus, happy with your ballsy shoulders?

As I said priorly, too much technology and too few technical limitation can make art look bland, as sometimes human creativity arouses in the facing of challenges, and there's a lesson that art, throughout ages, has taught us well.

Of impressionability of art

Art doesn't have to be practical. It's a way to express yourself, not exactly something you have to be fast and efficient (though you might want to express yourself as so) as if to attend demands and industrial production. And, because of this, I think that art sometimes is about doing the hard way.

There's something about art that seems to me that, the most impressive the better. I mean, it always call my attention when when a piece of art makes me wonder on how the hell it was made. It's been a little harder to feel that with movies nowadays as the technology of CGI makes everything so easily craftable, but to emulate a war in space in a time before that makes me really admire the piece.

This idea stands out very easily in visual arts. "How did they make he fly like that?" if I'm watching a play where resources for effects are really scarce. It seems that the more you can make with the least resources, the better is the reception. "They said they didn't use CGI in Coraline, I can't believe that!", a friend told me one of these days.

Sometimes it seems to be the purpose of directors to create this impressionability in their audiences. It seems that sometimes they make those tricks like one-take scene where the same actor changes characters and outfits extraordinarily fast and the fact that it was all in one take you know that man is awesome. It's almost as if they were magicians, or if we were back in a circus having our eyes shining with the feeling of extraordinariness of the illusion.

Of art and technology

Technology brings new forms of art, but I hardly think there would be such a thing as invalidation of a form of expression as consequence of technology. For instance, they say handrwriting is going to stop existing because we can type faster than we can write with a pen.

In a practical view of the world that could be held true, and also if handwriting didn't count as a form of expression. It won't go out the same way cars didn't eradicate horseriding. We also have machines that emulate the metronomes, so bands won't need drummers no more, or so once I've read.

In the business we can use keyboards and cars instead of feathers, scrolls and horses. But the matter of practicability that technology is inherently connected to apparently doesn't have to applied to art.

Of art and transferred quintessence

My opinion on art has always been that is done for the others, as I think that its point is for us to see how others think and see and feel the world. It's a chance for us to feel how different the views can be, and therefore we can broaden our horizons a little more by seeing new things.

I think art is great for us to show our quintessence to the others. The works of art that last in my head always have been impressive, intense demonstrations of quintessences. I think then, that as artists, we must show the world new quintessences, new tastes, new worlds.

Of Quintessential Rule

The idea of quintessence was a major realization for me, as it opened brand new doors for me. Although it has always existed before being named, there it goes the exciting phenomenon that is how an idea becomes more real after it has being just materialized.

Anyway, it became so important of a motif to me that I'm constantly hungry for quintessences. They always taste great and when I explore them the materialization will always become something interesting, even if I'm not skilled enough to materialize it entirely.

In fact, there's something about a text written with a quintessence as an undercurrent that makes it much more appealing to me afterwards in comparison to a simple text when I'm trying to describe something from memory, which is what is happening with most of the past posts, because I'm stupid and I've left all the posts for the last hours of the last day of the year, so there are several quintessenceless posts.

That doesn't make me happy. Hell, it doesn't even leave me satisfied, as apparently I can only unload myself from a quintessence when it finds itself quite matching its materialization. And that only seem to happen when I'm leaking it from my mind, through my fingers, to the letters and words.

Of things I'm yearning for

There are some things that always make my mind eased when I experience them, and these are meeting new mindscapes, recalling crests and tasting quintessences. To an extent these three motifs are a little too intertwined even for myself to distinguish, so here I'll try to charge better their definitions.

Mindscapes are the experiences we have, and the intensity of experiences tell us the level of the Crest. A minor mindscape can create a minor crest, but the experience will make me yearn to relive that mindscape, so through the Wehmut Process that is the desire to reexperience the feeling it can become a major one. Quintessence is what "feeling" meant in the last sentence.

A quintessence is a wordless emotional response, so much it represents a challenge that is to describe or materialize it in some way. When we try to describe an interesting experience that we had, we're trying to materialize the quintessence that was the emotional response to the mindscape.

Crests show in our minds as quintessences, and as they are formed by mindscapes, their presence also helps a mindscape to happen (through the Wehmut Process). So, a clear quintessence that we feel also makes it easier for a mindscape to happen.

Huh... I don't know if I didn't actually make things worse, and there's something I had to say but I forgot. Whatever, this will count as a charging post.

Of updates (from Undertones to Crest)

The idea of Prime Undertones is one that I've been thinking a lot lately, so much that in the end I felt it was needing a better name in english as I've already found the perfect one for it in portuguese. After some research, I think Crest is the best word for it, which is one element in heraldry that I think that pretty much fits the idea (and also is a literal translation of the portuguese version). So probably this will make my talkings about the idea more comfortable, as Crests is a more sounding, impacting, catchy name.

Crests are pretty much the marks that experiences leave in us. They are memories of those experiences, and they shape our tastes and views of the world (the Major Crests, priorly called Prime Undertones, being results of more impacting experiences). When we meet a vague description of something, our mind fill the blanks with our Crests; for instance, when someone says the phone rang in the tv room, chances are we are thinking of our experience in our own houses, a Minor Crest, I suppose.

The way I can feel my own crests, they dictate the direction of my choices, so it's not an idea that explains the past, but can also predict the future. It's also the lack of connection with one's own crests and desires that seems to show probably why one feels the emptiness.

What makes the idea of crests so interesting to me is that everybody has personal collection of crests that are unique of their own. It makes for a nice quest, to make a research by introducing this idea to people let them tell me their own crests. Characters of mine shall have crests of their own, so I need to see how diverse can a person's collection of crests be, as for today I only know mine.

Of laughter's relief

Out of all things that can blow away the depressing meaninglessness of the world, maybe laughing with friends is the most effective of them all, the very thing that maybe is one the most meaningful things in life. Wasting time without guilt and not worring about hours and tomorrows is something that the pressure of the surface reality unfortunately almost made me forget about.

From my own experience and also by reading or experience the quintessence in art, wasting time with friends and laughing is something that makes it all worthwhile. While the storm rages outside and savages the window, this well-lit and dry room is cozily filled with laughter and jokes...

Of being surrounded by the world

The desire to be where it's important and the consequent feeling of emptiness can also be appeased by the feeling of being connected with the rest of the world. It's after all what makes us yearn for where the civilization is, the place where we can connect ourselves with the others. Maybe it's even the reason the internet is so addicting.

Anyway, I've been finding myself shielded against the heavy onthological questions by just being surrounded by the world. Listening to traditional music and thinking of other cultures and countries seem to keep me well distracted, plus there's also a feeling of being well-fed by talking with my friends of countries like Russia, Hungary, Ireland and others.

Also I like having objects and souvenirs that remind me there's a whole big world out there. Objects that fire up my will to go out exploring and learning everything. I've got here in my room those things that can be compared to charms against the dark spells of meaninglessness. I've recently bought myself a little pretty book called World History and also a book of the illustrations of the Arabian Nights that matched my prime undertones amazingly. There's also a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of War here near my elbow and a pen cup with the picture of the New York City, near my left hand.But I still lack my greater object of desire: a world atlas to hang on my wall. With that one and other possessions this new room of mine will be my ultimate headquarter against the reality of the world trying to overthrow my passions.

Of reconnection

As I've been trying to taste the quintessence of meaninglessness once in a while just so that I can learn better about it, I've been also learning of what I can do to distract me from the feeling of emptiness that it brings me to torment me.

It seems that in the end the meaninglessness of life shouldn't be allowed to much as to prevent us from tasting life. Maybe we should just ignore it all and keep living our lives despite of it all. I'd say even to live our lives even more passionately for us to be the most distracted as possible from all the heaviness of these onthological matters.

When I can just ignore that haunting feeling that it's pointless to watch movies, play videogames and read novels I can find myself enjoying them better, even find a point in these activities. Studying history and all the great civilizations and all the things mankind has been doing throughout millennia despite of these questions burning in every of those historical people seems to fire up the Red Flame of Hephaestus. And by so I can feel reconnected with myself, comfortable with the pleasant activity that is to nurture my passions.

Of meaninglessness

Maybe all the ambition and the desire to be where it is important, to attain changing nuclearities has become an obsession which made me profoundly unsatisfied with the surface reality. It's been growing in my soul in the last months, each time when I've tried to write about it its dimension had worringly grown.

Sometimes it seems to me that everything that we find in this world is just a mere distraction for us to stop realizing how terribly meaningless it all is. I see all the cars, all the buildings, all the monuments, all the models and shows and... what's the point of it all? Goddamit, it's hard as hell to describe this quintessence, maybe I need to charge this idea a little more.

But then again this thirst for nuclearities and growing rejection to surface things keeps going breaking boundaries. As it grows I also find it meaningless to keep studying and developing myself. After all, because of what? What's the point of leaving a mark with the undercurrent message of "I've been here"? Nature will erase us off someday and no matter what I do it will also be lost along with my flesh and bones...

Maybe I just need to be foolish enough to ignore it and keep shooting myself towards all these meaninglessness aftergoals. Maybe one day one of these goals would hold an answer for me.

Of where is important to be

As my ambitions grow and I set for new goals after each disillusionl, I sometimes feel I've developed a desire to be where important things are. It is the desire that makes me head to the big city, to be where important people are, where important things happen, where I can witness life.

It is not the narcissistic feeling of superiority, that's the mindtrap that ought to be fought relentlessly. It's just the involuntary attraction of the nuclearities. It's the desire to be where we can make some difference. It's the desire to know and feel I'm doing something worthwhile. The desire I'm doing something that could have a lasting importance.

Maybe it's the desire the drives us to art, the desperate desire that makes us rush against time to leave a mark of our existence before time erases us off. I think in the end we all do something to the world to please our narcissistic desires. Anything that leaves the undercurrent message of "I have been here".

Of attained nuclearity

Some grounds need improvement, and nuclearity is one of those ideas that keep marvelling me. Its wordless quintessence always come up when I see a sign of this amazing phenomenon.

Lately I've been paying attention to the examples of it in the world. I've been noticing nuclearity can easily be transferred to graphs. Every skyrocketting or plummeting red line is a sign of an attained nuclearity. The moment the line makes that sudden turn is a sign that someone made one critical decision, one little change that changed everything.

I like thinking of science as humankind's best example of attained nuclearity. Medicine and quality of life, for instance, wouldn't be the same as it's today without science and the rigorous attachment to the scientific method that seemed to change everything in the history of the world.

Of Aftergoal Law

One of the undercurrents I feel when writing in this blog is the idea that after I post those ideas that have been overloading my mind I'll get some rest. For instance, I remember postponing the post about Mindscape for months until I felt I was ready to talk about it, and then I'd be free of the burden. It turned out the concept kept growing and it's now even with different categories.

But still I'm having a hard time trying to lose the obsession of achieving a goal, of finding myself developed, of thinking that there'll be one time I'll be done. And I have to remember something quite important: The Quest will never be over.

It doesn't matter how much I acchieve, there'll always be something else to uncover, discover, recover. And the most intriguing part is how my reaction to this may vary. Sometimes I find it distressing that I'll never get somewhere that far as there's no finish line. But then again I can also find this a relief, as my passion to find and create new things can keep burning on forever.

It's not as easy as it sounds, but in the end maybe that's nice setup, being foolish enough to shoot myself towards an Aftergoal and meeting Disillusion, getting up and hitting the road again.

Of Seeds

It takes time for a novel idea to develop itself into a full motif. But there's a time when I can realize full ideas all at once. And around it, in this amazing enthusiastic mood, I can think of several new ideas that are too great in number to be kept in my mind.

But these Seeds are important because of one step in the development of the idea, that is the Recalling. After my mind creates so much seeds that are fortunately not entirely lost but apparently, conveniently, stored in some part of my unconscious mind, my emotional responses can once and again tell me when an idea has been thought of before, and by recalling it the seed goes up a level...

Of Spells (intrapersonal language)

If there's one class of motifs that I need to explore more it's the Emotional Responses (or should I call it Hub Motif, the one that originates other motifs?). There's so, so much I can build my mind from it. I can really achieve great things by improving and developing it. And one of the latest achievements I have is the idea of spells.

Turns out that I have one individual language of my own. Portuguese and English are languages in which I was taught to express myself to others. Portuguese is the language I use to express myself to the brazilian world around me, and English is, well, the world/internet language. But there came a time when I realized I don't need these languages for my own inner communication, and that neither they do a nuclear work in my mind.

So it turns out emotional responses are basically my inner language, though it's simply a passive demonstration of my own language, that I can use to explore ideas from, and I've being only using a perceptive skill for it. But Spells would be the active use of these emotional responses. I've used spells before calling them spells, or knowing they could be used as so. Lightspeed reactions are the way I can nuclearly solve my own troubles in a way that forcing words down my throat didn't bring the same result.

In the first experiments I've been doing i've noticed it's great for the memory, if it's used along with visual response. As tired as I am of forgetting objects or unsure if I've locked the door, I've been trying to crudely pay attention to those things for a brief moment, and roughly try to let the information sink down. It worked when I went to bed and made a mental note to get my water bottle in the kitchen in the morning. It was really cool to find out the first thing I thought when I woke up was to think of my water in the kitchen.

I just have to find out how this process works, and replicate it. I love thinking of it as a scientific experiment.

Of slowed-down process

When paying attention to how the mind works it would be vital to know the process and its phases. I have such a curiosity to understand it that I wish I could slow my mind down to see when, where and how the idea erupts. It appears to me that paying attention to my emotional responses is good for that.

There's something here that I feel to be closer to the Loudening motif, which is how the mind works to understand better a fast activity after some practice. Hyper-fast arpeggios are insane to someone who hasn't barely learned the chords yet, but for a veteran musician these almost-invisible fast notes can be seen by him as if it was almost normal speed. So the point here isn't that the process is slowed-down, but the mind seems to work faster to follow the process, but the outcome seems to be similar.

So I wonder, can I develop the statistics of my mind such as perception sensibility to improve the statistics of generation of ideas...

Of what the future could be saving for me

The possibility of finding a wall that I cannot breakthrough sometimes haunts me, so the future lies ahead like one asleep monster that will one day wake up and devour my silly fantasies. It's because of this that the Fire Ensemble exists, to armor and gun me up against such a fear that deep inside I know one day I'll inevitably have to face head-on.

So I usually think how much knowledge I have to develop to find myself strong enough for this fateful day. Sometimes I'm foolish enough to believe I've got enough strength, and paradoxically it's when I actually seem to be.

But still, I need a lot of improvement. I think of all the knowledge I have to develop, and there something else that bothers me. I know this pace will have to change one day, I won't be going through each month with a new discovery like things are going now. I think this first year I was charting the most basic grounds. Maybe things can keep going like this on the second year of this blog, but I think afterwards there will be no more completely novel grounds.

I don't think some grounds will be abandoned, like nuclearity, naming, logistics and others - I think I'll be using them for the remaining of my life, but they're not enough, is what I'm saying. Later years are going to be more for improvement of these first trodden grounds in the beginning of this quest.

Of where ideas come from

During all this time when I wasn't posting I was the whole time worried about the idea of not being able to create more motifs, so I was paying attention to every spark of a new idea coming to my mind, and exploring it carefully and trying to remember what I used to do to name and tame the new concepts. Turns out being hindered from working on my mind ignited the fear and the security systems in my mind to prevent those things from happening.

So when exploring the birth of a new idea I wanted to know the origin of them all, the very moment of the cognitive process when it comes to life. It feels like being a curious scientist trying to understand the phenomenon of understanding the mental processes, or how it happens when the door opens and there's the micro second when the mind recognizes the otherside, or when our eyes tell our mind the number we want has been found in a list.

Of chances taken

There's only one life... so I want to use every chance I get to improve, there's only one try. So I want to develop myself to the fullest, as many skills as possible. Now I suddenly find myself here in this world with imposed limitations to breakthrough with all these possibilities at hand, so I'm nourish my foolish hunger that is the ambition to reach as far as one human being can go.

And I've got only one life to try finding that answer, to chase the missing Sylvan Stars, to know how many novelties life can offer. Only one chance to see what life has to us, so I want to taste ever bit of this bittersweet life.

Vesta warns me that the highest the dream, the worst the fall. But I couldn't be more oblivious to it, as I fully believe everything in this life is worth tasting. There's inside me the flaming desire to do my best. There's a lot for me to develop until I can see my own full potential, and until there the desire to see how far I can go burns and hurts inside. But even the sour taste of meaninglessness can be appreciated.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Of hephaestosis (a new meaning)

Updating names is something I don't really enjoy. There's already too many names around for me to deal with, and then some ideas keep insisting to find new words for them to live in. However, as I updated my flame of enthusiasm to simply Hephaestus' Fire, Hephaestosis lied out useless. As I was heading to throw it away, I realized I've got some good use for it still.

Sometimes when I'm enthusiastic about something, new ideas, mindscapes and quintessences, they usually make make me feel whole, not-empty... for a while. And I overuse it I seem to drown in my own enthusiasm, and the weight of so many new things in my head make me feel an agony of having them trapped inside me.

Hephaestosis is now the word I have for when I have too many thoughts in my head that result in distress, an affliction almost as tormenting as the feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness that haunts my soul, which is what Hephaestus' Fire is supposed to heal, or simply distract myself from.

Of narcissism and jealousy

Lately I've been in a mood to question my own view on mindtraps. Some things are so clearly a mindtrap that a closer dissection usually is discarded, due to obviousness. But once again I wonder if dealing with things like that for them being obvious isn't the more dangerous mindtrap of them all.

So I've been thinking of what narcissism is and I think I fit in the symptons shown. For instance, narcissistic people feel easily threatened, as everything becomes a narcissistic injury. And a mindtrap that it is, I can injure myself right now as I admit myself so. But then again, it's not as hard to admit such a thing when the great percentage of modern population is clearly growing narcissistic. Hell, humankind is so in its nature, so much Copernicus, Darwin and Freud are said to have given us our three great narcissistic injuries.

Also, I feel that jealousy walks very close to narcissism, and something very common too that we are supposed to repress. The feeling of envy is also a clear mindtrap when one isn't aware of their actions. But I think both mindtraps can be really useful if redirected properly, if carefully they can be great propelling agents due to the intriguing influence they have over us.

Of ambition and foolishness

One of the things that summons the feeling of enthusiasm is sure the idea of being able to do great things. Be it a delirious pretensiousness, I think dreaming shouldn't ever be a discouraged activity, even with all the foolishness that comes along with those high dreams.

Of course, being naive might hinder us from reaching our dreams. We need to have a wise and tempered Vesta to keep Hephaestus a little closer to the earth and to accept the logistics of perseverance. But still, being such a fool is probably what makes me so insistent, instead of usually being stated otherwise. A good ammount of ingenuinity, and even pretensiousness, gives me a desire so great to pursue that a sense of reality will most likely keep underwhelmed.

It reminds me of that saying by Steve Jobs that we are already all too familiar with: "stay hungry, stay foolish". The undercurrent behind this is clearly to tell us to nourish our flame of hephaestus.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Of Hephaestus' Fire

This Red Flame represents the interest, curiosity, enthusiasm, passion, dedication and creativity. It's the desire to to study, to research, to learn, to develop, to improve, to change. The music that represents Hephaestus are cathartical symphonic pieces. Revived Power, by Kow Otani, is my hymn to Hephaestus.

As the quintessence of a character, this is the man whose inner child is ever awake. The hardness of the world hasn't put out his sense of amazement and nothing ceases to marvel him and all details of the surrounding world hold him curious, willing to learn every inch of it all.  His ambitious ideas and the prospect of achieving them is what fuels him up.

One can lose nights of sleep with his craftings, as the energy that is born from this wonderment that keeps us awake is one of trademarks of this passionate devotion. Indeed, it always called the attention the way something so marvelous and interesting can so easily postpone my sleepiness, no matter how tired I am. Better than an early shower at 6am, finding some complex music to air riff puts me awake and full of energy in a moment.

Although probably my most important flame, Hephaestus is only a part of a quintessence, and he is not without his companions. He shares Áine's love for the world and Zhu Rong's impetuosity, energy and dedication. He also shares a bond with Trygve as a way to heal my wounds, to ease them, to bear them. His relationship with Vesta is the most troublesome one, as she demands a little more sense of down-to-earthness that is understandably not his strength.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Of ignition

Peeking cautiously outside, it feels cold and empty. A hope-forsaken place once trodden by life in its wholeness. Every corner once pulsing, screaming and moaning with intense desires and plans of all sorts, now are left to the hunger of the dark. Only the soft wind fills the air, lifting the increasing layers of dust.

But the storm that forced me to retreat has ceased, and the storm inside me, the volcano inside me, endured the pressure. Everything was safe and protected, the same way a mother holds her child unharmed.

 My flames endured. My flames prevailed. They are raging inside.

I'm back.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Checkpoint #8

November was a month when my life changed all of a sudden again, reflecting the dynamics of this blog as well. I'm afraid I won't be able to follow the same rules I used to, even though I'm almost getting the hang of them.

Speaking of rules, it seems I've pretty much succeeded in chaining the posts all along the month, even if some connections were quite half-assed and far-fetched. Anyway, it's something I'm quite satisfied that it seems to be starting to work more properly (and the imagetic chained posts I'm trying on tumblr is helping me develop this skill too, there's even some little stories here and there I managed to create there thanks to chaining). The Revisionist Rule was a total fail, though. I have to start getting really worried about it, in a way I'll always be too afraid of making those mistakes.

But the most important thing about this month is that I had a lot of plans for it, a really ambitious series of chained posts, but unfortunately things didn't work out. So some posts i had been postponing for months were postponed again as I had new ideas in november, namely Quintessences being the discovery of the month.

Anyway, so I'll try to do all I had planned now in December, and postpone the plans I had for it for the next year. Yeah, sounds good to start the new year with a brand new kind of posts and getting rid of ideas lingering on for too much time. I really need refresh the waters for new motifs to use the space (and for those ideas to be improved). Of course, that if new ideas don't come over to mess up with my plans again. I'm afraid of what you will bring me, December.