Thursday, February 28, 2013

Of gem combinations

If there's anything I find unsatisfactory about gems and crests, other than the eventual lack of firm ground to step on here and there, it's how hard it is to keep track of my tasting of them. I wish I had a place to talk about discoveries I find, because I only have a short space to talk about the new gem, not to mention how I only get a glimpse of its potential when I first described them.

One nice aspect of gems that isn't very well explored when I am introducing them is how important it is for mindscapes to see how they interact. That's when the real magic happens. Cloudstone, for instance, goes along with everything. Zircon, Peridot, Tourmaline. The mere presence of this element (and it's a gem when I feel it in my mind), makes everything more zephyrous. A cloudy day is indeed the core of several dioramas and it’s also the days when I feel more sensitive and inspired as I walk through the city…

Zircon and Chrysoprase make a very nice combination too as the geographical landscape the city is in determines a solid part of the 'sense of place'. Some cities are in valleys, other are on infinite plains or on the very top of mountains, and that's a really nice realization to have when studying the genius loci of the world.

And I like thinking of this notion of chrysoprase as being in touch with our planet's foundations. I like mentally weighing the dimension of mountains and canyons and fields stretching to the horizon. And that brings me to Obsidian, as I end up realizing we're stepping on a giant space rock. It's strange when we think of space, being something so outsidish, being actually here inside our atmosphere.

Tourmaline has an interesting combination with Obsidian too. That is, when you’re out on the road late at night, and it’s all dark and you just get the eventual blinding lights of cars coming past us. The sky seems more likely to be perceived as the sideral space it in fact is. I can see more stars, occasional meteors and even the Milky Way. With Steel I think of space projects and space exploration programs. This makes me feel a great deal of crystals because it feels so nostalgic. But here comes a strange feeling I have no gem to describe it. Just so I will remember it later I’ll call it Space Terror. It’s based on my kid scare of extraterrestrial abduction and UFOs (damn you, Fire In The Sky).

The combination of Marble, Feldspar and Opal as the core of scary stories doesn’t quite work there (maybe I need more gems for that, like the absurd fear I used to have of seeing ghastly white faces and bizarre eyes staring at me from the window), but they cover very well the feeling of folklore tales, especially in brazilian countryside (so add some copper, malachite and peridot to it).

Speaking of marble and copper, I noticed Marble’s melancholic mortality once came suddenly recognizable when I was thinking of medieval times. They had their own carnelian happiness, but the daily life, at least as how I’ve learned it to be (and can be quite wrong), would be similar to current day Malachite (though our lignite and modern basalt spoil it off), plus it wasn’t just as natural as it seemed to be a feeling industrialized by the Catholic Church, I suppose.

Marble and turquoise have their own combination too, and the peacefulness that turquoise can create is used by several religions and healing techniques. In fact, healing seems to have its connection to water as cleansing relaxation, and esoteric treatment to scientific medicine use it: pharmacies and hospital bear some presence of turquoise.

That is a gem that is quite a finding, turquoise. It is bringing a lot of effects and realizations upon the other gems. As it’s very closely related to the feeling of fresh air, I once felt it when looking to some nearby trees, even though there wasn’t exactly water nearby. Maybe the greenness of trees made me feel the association as, well, water is essential to life and growth and green shows that. This song is a hymn to that feeling.

By the way, peridot and rainstone make a very nice combination that reminds me of aventurine as it reminds me of adventure movies and games in dark and rainy days, so it’s one of these great combinations of onyx and zinc. And I think of Bohmite as it reminds me those old crystal days I’d be in my room in a rainy Sunday morning and my mother was cooking something special for lunch. Also, this rainy zinc is perfect to sleep cuddled with our loved one.

But hey, that’s enough for now. Gee, those crest-travels sure lead to very inspiring times. See, that’s what I find so utterly fascinating about gems. It’s the way I can recreate scenarios and travel through places, memories and feelings simply with this kit of spells to feel the creativity flowing through me.

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