Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of innerverse's cosmogony

The bond and rivalry between Ilium and Ersatz is of tremendous importance to all that I am dealing with today. And so I need to stablish the origin for them, of how their relationship became as it is today. One of the ideas that I have is that all has to do with my insistence to maintain those fiery qualities of mine.

One conjecture I have is that Ersatz would have these useless lands for themselves and so when the Ilium resistance came to be, it was the beacon of light in these forsaken lands. The Ersatz felt menaced. The Fire Ensemble shed a light that made ersatz shadows upset. They wouldn’t tolerate anything taking their lands from them.

Or then, I would believe at the beginning there was nothing. No good and no evil. No land and no skies. Everything was one and only the same thing. It was when Ilium came to be that Ersatz also first existed. As some state of being numb, I'd have it all inside of me, but latent. There was really not much of Ushag before Hephaestus. When one shape started existing, the other one, its opposite one became a very defined shape as well. Pain only came into existence when delight and passion also began existing.

The jungian psychological concept of enantiodromia never ceases to amaze me as to its constant relevance, and I think I can still use that to understand how in these last few years I've been feeling torn between this struggle between those two forces as when I started focusing so much on developing my qualities. Before that I've always been quite more balanced.

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