Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of thalassic-to-photic maps

 I’ve been trying once again to define some geographies for my places. As I need Ilium and Ersatz in the same place, it could be the same place for them for being mostly one entity. But all in all I have this very strongly defined: Ilium lies to the east, close to the shore. Ersatz is over west side maybe a little down south, while Lazurian perils are up to the north.

This is almost a literal definition of actual places in my life, which is not very recommended as it needs to be stringed more than just inspired. But it can still go through some digestive process recalling dioramic regurgitation and turn out to work on its own.

Been thinking as well about this distance between me and the world, which could be shown as a bay standing between this Ilium peninsula and Sfayi and Qareen palace would be seen in northern shores. Northwards, from Lazurian view, the peninsula looks bland and boring, which makes a terrible sense to me, because Ilium and Ersatz lie behind some of hills right at the shore. Most of it isn't ever seen, just some of Ilium towers can be seen by some lazurian citizens.

The problem is, suddenly this went from thalassic to photic and it’s got me scared of having it so quickly defined. I’m seeing it as some kind of C-shaped map which doesn’t appeal to me at all (I guess if it did, it wouldn’t really frighten me), not even if I just break the shape in different ways to make up for that disturbing appearance, but I don’t think that works.

Anyway, some elements from this proposal do ring some bells, so I’ll still keep it, as it can be used along with other proposals I’ll still come up with, like Ilium and Ersatz being actually an island instead of peninsula, and displayed in a complex diagonality so it won't feel too straight to the point.

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