Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of mosaic of remnants

 The gap between final 2012 days and current 2013 days is starting to be easily noticed. The blank of work is there and some ideas I’d consider recent are, wait, a year old alread! Thoughts from last november haven’t been given attention and I feel some sort of shame for it, but at the same time, I’m glad the same scourgers from last year didn’t return.

Anyway, there I have it, the idea of layers of remnants of time. Like in a city where old buildings survive and live along with modern constructions. Of these modern ones, few might or not be here for as much long, our lives are full of a similar pattern.

Day come and go and we face events, good or bad, that might just have lasting consequences for the next few seconds or the rest of our lives. Each day we meet new people, new stars in our skies, and that guy might just be my friend until I die or next month something could change and we’ll just lose contact forever. There's no plot to life as far as we can expect from it.

I see something braudelian in here, as these impacting events could be the factual first level of everyday events that could be important enough to go all the way down to the structural level in the third level and change it.

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