Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Checkpoint #30

September had the release I had been expecting. Pretty much the opposite of August and September’s role last year. Unfortunately, I had been dreaming to write a lot more, but life got its frequent trick to fuck me up again. Hrungnir had been seized, but then it returned with such a power that I’ve lost several great opportunities as I’ve been beaten by it like a dog yet once again.

However, despite all losses, I could finally write the minimum amount of texts I’ve been trying to maintain in here, and that’s a great achievement. Of course, it means nothing compared to last year, but this is my new reality. Back then I was trying to see how far I could get, but now I am being forced to see how much I can resist the adversities and obstacles.

Keeping a writing pad by my side and writing down every little stupid thought has been one of the first and most important acts of discipline I’ve been restoring. And that has been helping me working with ideas, since I’ve been loving just writing for the sake of feeling my handwriting, so now I can also use it to jot down important things as well!

I had some great ideas this month. Well, a lot of ideas that could be great if I were to keep working on it, which is something I never do really well. I am still a hunter of ideas, but am not doing a great job at turning them into real things. Anyway, the idea of this month was the gem glyphs. I also included the August’s main idea which was diorama landscaping. And July had the character-o-rama, while June had these ideas about crime and corruption of Ilium (which I didn’t really write about but roughly included it somewhere in there).

And now, I am really interested in trying to work with some of these late great ideas, developing the landscapes, thinking of calligraphy of my gems, or then just seeing what I can unveil from these ‘o-ramas. There’s a lot to develop over them… they could even become a new tankobon/eva engine themselves.

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