Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of stars-to-be

 My whole world has to be timming with meaning. I don’t want anything to be shown just randomly. Every little piece of decoration I want to set and locate diligently and minutely just so that it won’t ever be seen as a lazy piece of work.

For instance, I’ve just came up with an idea for my night skies. All these starts, they’re going to be people I’ve known, people from my past. They’re stars up in the sky. But also I’m not making them simple stars, but constellations and even some pretty nebulae for groups of people.

Every little dot is for someone I could recall somehow, and they’re going to be there. Maybe over a thousand yes, since I want it to be literally everybody I can remember, and it shouldn’t be such an impossible task since I’m dividing it into cities, places and groups.

Also, the brightness of starts is going to be taken in consideration. I’ll have some of the brighter ones for people still active in my life, while people that I’ve seen just one day of my life are understandably not going to shine so much (there are exceptions, of course). Each new person is a new dot appearing in the skies, and I hope I can still have a lot of bright stars in my sky in the future.

It's going to be a hell of work, and I have already a thousand other things that are earlier on queue and also more relevant, so this is a project that will just linger around the corner of my mind and that I'd bring progress just eventually, but I like this so much, for some reason. Probably because I need to have refreshing ideas like this once in a while that will beautify my work immensely.

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