Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of Martin's Maelstrom

 Art imitates life and I don't think there's the other way around. I mean, there is but it's more of a complex cognitive theory. But it's in reproducing life that art always becomes strongest. Artists that can always bring to their work this mirroring of life is what I will appreciate the most.

This is what makes Game of Thrones such an interesting series to me. It's raw like life. It seems so brutal in its lack of classical structures of heroes and villains. George Martin's narrative is amazing at picturing the unexpected and unpredictable turns that we will always keep seeing.

One apparently evil-looking person will turn out to be your most loyal friend. The worst problem will be solved instantly and the alliance that you’ve made will turn out to be your actual nightmares. All the plot that's been invested on might change in the blink of an eye. The bad guy won't be punished. There's no karma system.

Life is chaotic and in a way there's simply no hero's journey or other simplified structures. It's hardly romanticized and recently in the turns that my life has been going through, I've been developing a great attachment to this kind of narrative, as it's the best way to express how I'm feeling about myself and world right now.

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