Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of Pelagic Counterreflux

 The most interesting, confusing and somewhat human things I feel, if I can use that as an adjective, lies in this pelagic state between the complete blurriness that is the thalassic state and the complete clarity I called the photic level. The transition that occurs between those two states, the pelagic stages have some very interesting things to call my attention because of that, and I've worded it here before, but it deserves more attention.

Initially it feels like there can be two concepts here: first, one of them would appear to be two things happening at the same. It can be when we feel both sad and happy. It's when life is going down and up at the same time – one side of our life is being successful while the other plummets... But I think the concept that I want to talk a little more is a dissidence from this one.

It is almost like a mindtrap, when something is confusing and can turn out to be the very opposite of what it seems. It could also be about a melody that seems to be ascending but it’s actually descending. Our life when it seems we're doing everything right and we're just ruining it all.

Tides and waves offer a nice analogy to these two almost overlapping ideas. For instance, there are certain situations when I see a confusion of waves that I can't tell apart wheter I see waves going up or being pushed back. See, that's the reason crashing of waves is so attractive to me. Vortexes make me feel I am represented by them sometimes in ways I can't consciously comprehend.

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