Thursday, October 31, 2013


 Understanding some processes of my mind is like charting roads and paths. Often I find connections that unexpectedly bring together completely unrelated areas, but it's also interesting how sometimes I see some of these paths as an one-way only road, and then I learn of how it can be explored backwards. Like a reverse engineering of sorts.

This is the interesting aspect about the Qmus, which is the music I get from life. I'm so constantly trying to figure out how these musical quintessences are born, that I've just recently fully realized how it can just work the opposite way. And it's not such a novelty for me, because I'm used to the concept of having pictures from music, especially in the moment of golden regurgitation.

Paying attention to the core of the music makes me sometimes feel images, an initial thalassic form that I keep adding details as I keep feeling the music. Like a forest, and I see a trail, and a wooden fence and a cottage and plants and herbs stored in jars, vases and vials. This has some very interesting applications, such as helping me create the dioramas for my world. See, Otyg has been a very rich source of inspiration for my Ersatz lands, weather and all.

And as I start paying attention to it, those are really, really astoundingly similar in the process, though Qmus is a much more delicate and difficult to handle than it is with images, which I already a very much large mental library. Fortunately, I am building a good library of music in my head too, as I even end up thinking of them as their own respective gems, such as songs for amethysts or zircon or ember, and then the connection happens more efficiently later when I think of these gems and the musical memory associated with it comes up as well.

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