Thursday, October 31, 2013

Of Gem's Emet Cores

 The existence of unfathomable mindscapes is a matter that keeps me constantly puzzled. What are they made of? What is so special about them that a simple combination of gems can’t recreate any similar experience?

So one day I noticed mindscapes have some sort of central spine of their own, an element that was of fundamental importance in shaping the surrounding elements that were composing the experience.

For instance, there is this feeling of ominous clouds just before the storm (would be the spine of the mindscape), and it makes the wind and trees and everything have this different perception to them.

These spine elements I am going to call Emet Cores (as the ones that give the mindscape that special lifelikeness that usual composition of gems don’t work). Though I intend to see what would be those emet gems, there is already some existing gems, like Amethysts and Carnelian, Diamond and Quartzes

Reaching to the emet core of the gems is like reaching to the pure essence of something. As mindscapes are so often soundtracked, I think it's about reaching the essence of songs. Maybe mindscapes are about reaching the emet core of each gem, getting down to its marrow and seeing what it is beyond its surface.

For instance, there’s Brass, which is about the military, and I think its emet core is the feeling of dangers of war, the feeling that everything is now at risk and future is uncertain and probably it couldn’t even there be one.

This is one brand new characteristic to my theory of crests, and it's quite a bold one, so I'm slightly careful with accepting it. However, so far it has proven itself to be quite a nice employee, and its precepts are being proved valid so far. Either way, I'm around a nuclear trail of cause and effect, so this is quite probably the right path I must follow.

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