Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of alpha survival

I have always been skeptical about all those stories when people go against all the overwhelming odds and succeed or even survive. It seems so illusory and I couldn’t ever take it seriously. But apparently there’s a good reason for so, there’s something that can explain it, and it all has to do with motivation.

This alpha buildup really adds a lot to being incredibly resistant. As for the constantly motivated person, they are the ones who will survive the cold, the humiliation, the long road to recover. They look weak but inside they’re burning and they shine in moments of need. There’s never anything so great of an obstacle that will deter them. Waking up every morning and working all day long in the same tiresome routine isn’t nothing if there’s such a good focus on the object of motivation.

The effect of success and survival seems more noticeable in unmotivated behavior than in the properly motivated one, though. I say that because that’s what we see the most in our daily lives. When one doesn’t care about something, it’s really easy to give up of it. There’s nothing that makes the person see their effort being worth.

I think it’s also a matter of love and passion, and a little bit of hope too. Passionate people will resist anything that’s thrown at them, while, of course, the careless one won’t be as much patient, tolerant or even forgiving.

And in order to be a survivor, one asks one of the probably oldest questions alive: “how to keep the passion alive?”

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