Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Oceanic Framework

As usual, there is some pattern to how my ideas develop. Just as it happened with Lazulite before Gems came, and Gamma which was followed by the Greek Coordinates, now it’s time for the lonely idea of thalassic shapes to grow into something bigger. It’s now part of a three-stage measurement system for my thoughts I’m going to call Oceanic Framework.

So, Thalassic level, as already made plain, is about that zone when ideas, thoughts and feelings are undefined. This is when seeds of ideas are first born, and there are other faint realizations that are just ghostly shapes that are very hard to grasp and hold. Thalassic creations are also quintessential as it is simply a soup without a shape, though at first it holds little mass to even attract my attention.

The next stage is the under-construction phase. When the thalassic quintessence has enough mass to call my attention and I grow aware of its presence, it slowly finds its way into the pelagic stage. This is about the transition but also the constant state of modification when I’m trying to understand it. It’s not something that I can say it already is, but it’s some sort of shape already. That is, as it comes closer to the surface it gets more solid, but can still manipulated. Basically, this could be the longer level of them all, and I can say almost virtually all of my ideas are in the spectrum of Pelagic stage.

Photic is more of a theoretical definition, a proposed concept, than something I actually feel quintessentially. But it represents the clear definition and it’s the hypothetical surface and end of the line. In a way an idea starts heading towards photic stage when I do something about it, like sowing the first seed to stream into a greater concept. Through some trances I can be gifted with a rather strong photic concept, but which was mostly brewing through weeks and months. It happens when I give it a Name (with a capital letter), and it’s how solid the concept just becomes after this (sometimes I capitally name an idea before it’s in a safe photic stage and so it doesn’t last). When I think about it, I think idea of crests and gems are the closest concepts to photic that I have, and it’s more because they have a lot to be unveiled, but below future creations there’s some rather solid foundation and they’re solid and consistent enough to be considered photic.

To put it all in an example, all stuff already classified is already becoming photic, but the ones that are still so mysterious and sylvan are thalassic, like these mere presences that flashes by and are always distant somehow. Those I have perceived but I didn’t have a word for it yet, or that I’ve just started a stream of development, are in pelagic level. If I happen to name an idea that is just perfect and I won’t ever have doubts about it (such as crests and quintessences, which are pretty solid and useful definitions they won’t probably fall as a trap to returning quintessences so often as other weaker definitions), I think that would be the photic conclusion.

One thing I like about this framework is that it doesn’t have to be entirely restrict to measuring solidity of my thoughts, but it can rather be used for several other stuff, such as, well, any piece of work as it can be conceptualized and enters production stage, and then there’s an actual photic definition, which is the final version of it. You see, this very text could have gone through this process.

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