Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of photic factory (eva joints)

My constant worry these last weeks was the lack of the solid connection between all these little ideas. After all, I started recalling some of them, and even thought of new ideas, and while I noticed they were like part of the same engine, I felt it was missing a joint to connect them.

I’m so full of seeds and sparkles, but I want them to be more long-living and I want them to become something solid, something presentable. I want them to attach to some eva engine and not just be so random piece of thought. And now I’m feeling the thoughts that meet those new requirements are much rare now.
Because of this, I’m feeling a certain unsavory taste when having a new idea, as I’m each time bringing a different kind of analogy or something that doesn’t ring together with the others. And not only that, but also it lacks that solidity that prevents me from tripping over returning quintessences. And the boost of enthusiasm I used to feel when having an idea is rather rare, and so this new kind of labor, trying to joint the ideas together like this, demands much more skill and astuteness of me, and it wears me out much faster.

But the importance of photic isn’t to make something big, but rather on the contrary, I don’t want gigantic pieces of work. In fact, the more concise it is, the better was the job, I guess, and that’s how important this concept I’m calling Photic Factory is. It’s about working with those very solid foundations, I guess (not totally sure about the meaning of the concept, I’m afraid). It’s as if when composing a song or something and the raw juice is there to guide, very dense and without unnecessary additions.

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