Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Playtesting

Whenever I build any kind of theory in here, I try to be careful enough to try it out in the world first. It’s some sort of examination to test the validation of my ideas, and see if they can keep working afterwards after all I’ve considered, and if the antithesis didn’t actually take the better of my hypothesis.

One of my examples of systems and theories is when I go out to see if my gems are doing a good work in explaining my experiences. And it works plentifully solid to some extent, even if there are enough gem-defying mindscapes that show me here and there some flawed and/or unexplored part of it. Though I’m having problems with some gems, overall they are feeling quite solid.

However, Tankobon I and II are the only engines of mine that are strong enough to keep being developed. For Tankobon III there’s a screaming red alarm indicating several critical errors. These other texts are lacking a complete solid ground, and working on them as they are is dangerous, and I need to rebuild the entire Tankobon III facility.

The reason why I and II survive there must be mostly due to the Q. Rule which is protecting me enough of brilliantly stupid ideas, (and because they’re most inner-oriented perceptions, which must facilitate the studies) but that can’t be all. It seems to me stage of solidity the thoughts find themselves in when I talk about them is partly relevant to this process of avoiding quintessential problems that make the Hangar III such a messy place.

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