Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of chemical and mechanical stories

Writing a script seems a hard business. I wouldn’t ever think of being able to write one, but it’s just eventually happening as I’m suddenly and unexpectedly finding some answers that solve a lot of my insecurities. And so one day I just realized that stories are just a matter of things going out of control. Any set with a peaceful flow is telling us nothing. Just like the usual idea of health being the ability to feel nothing, a normal routine or working flow also doesn’t appeal us at all.

Stories are born from conflicts and disbalance, by the peace that can’t be maintained. The first sparkle of attrition breeds a story, and it only ends when the disaccord of forces is gone – sometimes it’s mostly by elimination of the opposing side.

What I’m starting to notice is that a story starts when a new element falls in some peaceful organism. It could mean an instantaneous assimilation and then, done, it’s over. Or then it will stand a menace to the organism, and leading it to, well, inflammations and diseases. The medication and therapy will be the forces used to eliminate this conflict.

But the analogy also can be made with machineries, as a cog that falls out of the place is the beginning of a new conflict, especially if its place is vital in the processes of the machine. It can start by making the agility of the machine decrease, and it can also eventually make the machine explode or fall apart.

One interesting thing I’m noticing with this, though, is how this feels like a governmental propaganda for facing misfits. But this can be seen like the fallen cog is the rebel one and it’s the one we should cheer for.

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