Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of patterned frontiers of knowledge

There’s in the fields of physics and mathematics topics that have been of my interest lately. I’ve been paying attention to some discussions regarding physics and how the Standard Model to explain the world once in a while is confronted by discoveries of elements, particles and forces that aren’t covered by that theory, such as the Neutrinos (which was birth a proposed concept before it was a testified thing), and this whole Higgs particle business.

What I see is scientists struggling to understand those events in a way that the theory can be complete, and while I appreciate these efforts I’m struck with a very familiar feeling, this sensation of being without ground and trying to make sense out of something that so complex and hard to visualize.

I feel a little more comfortable, as even the greatest minds have the same struggle. It’s also humbling to realize that too. We are so used to think the greatest minds have everything so worked and sorted out, that science has everything answered, that seeing their own baffling attempts to understand their surroundings makes us see how human we all are. It’s all a great mystery, this whole life/world/universe thing, but we see the glimpses of patterns and it gives us passion and hope to one day understand it all.

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