Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Matrix Mode

As part of my plans to deal with the volume of thoughts left in the Tankobon III, I was primarily wondering about the equations and behavioral knowledge. It was quite hard to make advances on that, to be honest. It’s as if it was such a subtle of a skill that it withers easily.

What I’m referring as Matrix Mode is basically one kind of trance (such as Zephyrous Zenith is also another alternate depiction of overall concept trance represents). In a way, this could easily be a worldly lesson from the movie, though I am left to think the following interpretation went quite independently mine.

Clearly, this is one of the themes I’m always searching around, and it’s around the concept first initiated with the Braudel’s Framework and later more elegantly defined as Undercurrents and Vortexes. Most of my thoughts about analogies and allegories were following this. And that’s the connection with the equations and behavioral knowledge, which are the shapeless patterns that we see in different systems (I’m commonly finding in developing skills, or exploration).

As a trance, it’s when I manage to observe the things beyond what their surface shadows show - it’s really like an undercurrent force. It’s something similar to a dance and being connected and flowing along the world, so every brick and building becomes deconstructed for me to see find the codes behind. Correction, it’s observing, not just seeing.

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