Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of perilous omega trances

Unfortunately only a low percentage of my thoughts are worthy of being mentioned. It’s only in an inspirational trance that I can find a solid meaning behind things and be filled with quintessences to become future texts and possibly a part of an eva engine. But then there are some kind of trances that are specially menacing for all of this.

I never took time to analyze much of the top-left part of the greek coordinates and the relation between Gamma and Omega. But it seems I’ve found a relation for both. I don’t know if Gamma comes in an omega condition or if omega starts increasing with feebleness of my thoughts, but when I am around this corner of the greek coordinates, my thoughts are a weak construction that eventually wreaks down.

These ideas come without that kind of sweet guidance, and they usually reveal themselves to be brilliantly stupid ideas. As opposed to full trances when I feel excited and everything, these are trances that will start making me confused as even though they’re ideas, they’re making me somewhat insecure and tired, as they turn out to be chaotic droplets that disperse any order I’ve been building so far.

As I’m growing a little more concerned about trying to joint together little ideas together that I hope can remain alive just longer, I’m avoiding this Omega-Gamma conditions at all costs while I seek to find the highest Alpha-Gamma, which bring these thick trances that will do me the favor of piling up my thoughts together.

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