Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of mathematical intuition

The difference between reason and emotion is still confusing to me, to the point sometimes I can’t quite point when one ends and the other starts. Maybe I never had reason at all, because even my most logical achievements seem to feature a tint of sensitivity that’s so inherent to emotions.

So there’s been lately an interest on my part upon the exact sciences, and thinking a lot about mathematics and numbers. It’s not only this pleasant experience that is to feel their solid correlations and arcane and powerful secrets of geometry they seem to possess in their interactions that we only now and then see glimpses of patterns. No, I’m currently finding it more enchanting the effect that enough practice can bring, as the speed that mathematical thinking can reach.

It can get so fast that it seems to burst into emotional ground and numbers become quintessential perceptions and each time more complex operations can be made in the blink of the eye. And for sure, I know that I can do my math faster when it’s feeling intuitive enough for me. And the waves of thoughts running through numbers leave trails, patterns that create a structure of motion and rhythm, and from there I feel a bigger pattern, a huge, thalassic-level clockwork arrangement. 

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