Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of expanded identity

For several reasons, including the creativity factors involving it, I try to understand the notion of identity, and how it is created, reproduced and expanded. It’s very important for learning and creation, as once I can understand these behavioral elements of the composition that managed to capture the atmosphere I want, I can create something of my own without making a copy of it.

So once in a while I see myself playing with existing concepts in my mind. That is, I like trying to find any hidden possibilities unexplored so far, especially with ideas that seem so perfect and round in their own forms.

How do we bring new things that will not only fit in the created universe, but also give it new assets and icons? How do we make sequels that will feel like an admissible expansion of the original? How can we make a sequel that will have an even more strong identity than the first one? How can I make the solo of that song go longer and still feel it’s still part of the first imagined version? How else can this feeling be reproduced in different manners? How can it be expanded and still remain zephyrous while still lingering around the same area? How can I inseminate new elements to a series without making it clear a new hand was added to the work?

Overall the main concern here is to know how to bring new elements and original branches that are fit to the existing concept and don’t feel intrusive or making it change its own identity completely. It’s about knowing when other novel components match the idea and brings a nice chemical reaction to the existing idea, and so it can maintain and expand and sort of lengthen the core feeling of the concept.

But this can be dangerous, as everything can always turn out to be. Maybe milking all the possibilities out of any concept or idea can render it thin and fragile, and it could dry dead and pale. Maybe the unexplored corners that leave a taste of unquenched thirst is what can actually make some identities so alluring and enchanting…

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