Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Hermetic Rule

Being plagued by this thalassic curse makes me feel as returning quintessences are much more frequent if I’m trying to talk about them in that state. It’s the reason why I feel I had so many ideas coming over the same subject, and here I already have at least three names for this problem of connecting ideas together.

The idea of Eva Engines itself is the main reactor of this new era, but there’s also the idea of Eva Joints, which is about the connection of the existing topics, and also ungapping the unexplored vertices of the circle to be analyzed. The photic factory is about the security against feeble ideas, but selecting the solid ones and trying to find the solid ground as a foundation, so further development won’t feel as unstable. The photic factory is also responsible for allowing as little returning quintessences as possible, as it’s something I’m finding closely related to the levels of the Oceanic Framework.

So, for this necessity of mine to keep everything simple and clean, and without many repetitions and messy confusion, and quite wrapping up these previous elements, I’m using the Hermetic Rule as the official name for this.

This is the moment when my project enters in a rather serious area. This is something like the asteroid field where the crossing is much trickier. But I feel I can make advance because there are constant q. ropes for me to find, and it’s by making my way through this solid assembling that I’ll finally feel I’ve accomplished something. It feels like there could be some sort of an endline, which I never even thought would someday exist in here, though I’m not reaching anytime soon.

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