Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Tankobon III and Craft Gems

As I had previously decided about the order of existing tankobon tomes (mostly due to a sum of circumstances), I had crests as the first one, string story as the second and leftover thoughts as the third. But these leftovers, as it’s seeming to me, can have a theme of their own.

Basically the use I have for Tankobon III is about thoughts of these skills I have always been working on, which are basically thoughts on images, sounds, words, stories and overall thinking process. Or, as I’ve called them, the Craft Gems, as the gem crests symbolizing these activities I feel so compelled to live around them.

With that said, I feel mostly of my texts in this month are going to be focusing on these themes. These are my overall thoughts on the world and thoughts on composition and art, with Howlite, Hessonite, Helvite and Herderite as guiding topics.

However, and it’s most natural, most of them are going to be about Hiddenite, which is the craft gem for thinking, learning and understanding (and so I can cram it up with everything else left unclassified). Maybe it’s too much of a condensed quintessence, but it represents my pattern-seeking inclination, which is found in all activities that aren’t those other four, even if those patterns are found among these other craft gems as well, but as for now, I’ll remain with the five still. 

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