Monday, September 30, 2013

Of Palomar’s Panel

As obsessed I am with making things under my control, I get easily worried about the scattering and dispersion. I don’t like not knowing where things are, and I don’t feel comfortable with having to take a long way to access these things that have to be of practical access.

I can become highly and obnoxiously methodic with everything in my life, and often I imagine systems of gauges and meters and buttons. It’s like I’m constantly trying to picture an interface for keeping up with life. Practically. Efficiently.

This idea of having a panel with all of my ideas is a very old one, and I’ve been giving it too many names over the years, but I think I’ll have this silly one (won’t explain it, ha). This is where I could store certain ideas regarding certain gaugings of the world, such as release and restraint, risk and reward or surplus and deficit.

This is one of the ideas that show so much potential, but also require a vast amount of dedication, and so this will likely become one of these great projects that I’ll add a few bricks every few months. Might not sound engaging, but I think this method might be the safest one, as desperate sprints wreck me in no time.

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