Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of adventures and exploration

Since my childhood I had this inclination for looking for new things. The only thing that changed is that now I’m looking for new thoughts, the kid me was looking for new places, new secrets, new objects to collects.

There’s nothing like a small city for a boy to be raised, all these shacks, haunted houses hidden in the woods, forsaken warehouses carrying countless items we had no idea they were used for. Hell, I have some fond memories of that old railway, the sound it used to make through the silent night.

As I grew and moved out, that flame for adventures grew to be a little more audacious. We used to climb rough cliffs or high trees for the sheer challenge of it – though the sweet views we’ve got were also. Damn, those were some good times when I had no worries except some tests and homeworks and the eventual love of a girl when I felt none of the social pressures around it.

It’s interesting how this part of me shifted towards videogames and I spent so much time doing it all again, adventuring, exploring. It was kind of more rewarding, as with my imagination I felt I was really discovering new treasures, feeling the thrill of dangerous situations. I love those games that feature adventure, action and exploration. Metroidvania is my favorite genre, forever.

There was a time when I was so into adrenaline that for me adventure had to feature real dangers, and also exploration had to be followed by precious discoveries. But as I grew up I learned to enjoy the simple things, the little adventures, trivial stories. I don’t need to find chests of gold, a new idea is exciting enough. Exploration is by itself a rewarding experience, though I like finding shining useless objects like marble balls or beautiful little stones while I walk around the neighborhood, exploring the streets. I find it rewarding enough to go around trying to feel the quintessence of things and exploring what are the vortexes that compose it…

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