Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of gearing up

For some reason, I always had a thing for being ready for whatever could happen. I think that so much time spent playing Zelda left me flirting with the idea of carrying hundreds of items along with you and never using them except for one moment or another when it could be useful.

I like doing it to this day, almost involuntarily, having all those things with me, just for the sake of knowing I have them if I need them. It’s like the sense of pride when you have a plethora of options, hundreds of buttons on some panel, and you know how to use them all but you just don’t need them now.

In my daily life I carry in my pack a little umbrella, a little towel, fork and knife, a bottle of water, some hygiene items and also my notebook and some pens and pencils. I just need those things with me. My little blue towel has been useful a handful of times already.

But I find in my pockets the most amazingly random things, and I like to use the chances I’ve got to take them out of my pockets as a joke. I’ve got a coin alright, but first there’s a toothpick, a napkin, some beautiful random bottle cap, the keys to my house, my emergency pen, my cell phone, my mp3 player, its charger, my other mp3 player, and here it is my emergency coins to help changes when I go to the market.

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