Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of Procrastinator

One of the main flaws I have, and that I need to kill in myself, is how many things I postpone, how many responsibilities delay, how many possibilities I deny. It’s something that’s been around me since I know myself. It’s really dangerous to me as it prevents me from doing some work with the full potential it could have.

Dammit, I keep doing it even in this very blog that’s one of the greatest passions of mine. So many texts that could have been so, so much better, if only I had been seasoning them more.

This is Zhu Rong’s duty, as it seems likely to me they are each other’s archenemies. Unfortunately Procrastinator has been winning some battles. I can’t let that going on, though it’s hard to fight it when procrastination isn’t exactly always the same feeling. Sometimes I can identify the emotional responses and it makes it easier for me to cast a spell that make them glow red as a mindtrap, but when it comes for Procrastinator, it’s hard to know I’m feeling procrastinating…

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