Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of lamps and lanterns

Out of all the things I carry with me, I blame myself for not having any lantern. How is that possible? It’s my ultimate favorite item ever. It fascinates me the use of light for exploration. It makes me think of the night, its attractive mysteriousness, its darkness to be illuminated.

It’s been an early passion of mine. Early as a kid I always wanted my little cars to have lights on, and I even tried to recreate that with little lanterns inside the cars, but it never worked out. Also I always wanted my bicycles to have lights on them too. I have never been a good engineer or a light technician, unfortunately.

It’s quite interesting, but when I got into videogames, dark environments were always the ones I’d find more exciting. As graphical capabilities increased and I witnessed more sophisticated lighting effects, my passion for illumination has endured.

Nowadays lights keep fascinating me in this special subtle way. I like seeing the contribution of lighting for mindscapes, like these golden lights at night, or the distant combination of points of light around the city, the way they look scattered around, almost like an urban constellations...

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