Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of Vesta’s Fire

This Golden Flame represents the maturity, the temperance, the overall balance between conflicting desires. It’s the desire to keep pieces from overheating and keeping it all working, to make the plans work out as intended. The music that represents Vesta are relaxing ambient or classical songs, songs that ease my mind. It’s hard to find songs that doesn’t make me excited at the same time it makes me feel, or soundtracks, or jazzy, ethereal, acoustic and piano stuff. These are songs that are meant to calm down, maybe even supress all other flames, so a melancholy could be used if it won’t trigger Trygve. Pathfinder by The Gathering or Legions by Zöe Keating are some of my hymns to Vesta.

As a character, I think she could be portrayed as a wise old woman. She’d be wise and eloquent, and would always give advices and orientation to the lost ones. Though she wouldn't always be as friendly-looking as Áine would be...

This flame would be the true archetype of justice and balance, and it can really help me accepting my mistakes and responsibility towards my wrong doings and negligences. If developed properly I can use it to do things more wisely. And it’s indeed as it sounds, a flame that isn’t naturally as strong by itself as the other ones, but the one I must work on real hard. Amusing enough, this is a sign of her.

She can be influenced by Trygve’s notion of the wrongs to develop a realistic and fair view of the world. Zhu Rong is close to her as he’s the one who must take actions for most of her decisions. As Áine and Hephaestus are mainly driving and inspiring forces, she’s forced to keep them under leash sometimes, though in the end it’s their passion that is what gives her strength.

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