Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of inviting night

I’ve always had it in me, this desire to venture out in this world. It ended up being dampened by all those years locked inside my room, by simply tasting and processing the world in my head, or reading words, seeing images on a screen.

But this is where Zhu Rong can be felt, when I’m aware of how numb I’m feeling, and get up, open the window and feel the world as it is. Sometimes it’s the night wind, and it’s inviting to me. The breeze blows softly the leaves, the perfume of flowers seduce me, the world is calling me to embrace it and explore it – no wonder nature is so often portrayed as a young woman.

It’s Zhu Rong’s quintessence when I look at the reality I am living and I don’t feel bad about abandoning it; being reckless and losing a precious night of sleep to go out and do something extraordinary, something out of routine, exploring something out of the set path.

The reason why this flame’s color is blue is because of the sky and how inviting its vastness is, the whole amount of unknown to be explored…

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