Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Checkpoint #10

January made me commit the same mistake twice. Again I'm not done with the fire ensemble though I just wanted to get rid of it and then to get rid of this vicious chaining thing and do things more freely (and then see how much natural chaining would have become). I was almost going to post things about Trygve, Zhu Rong and Vesta all the same to end it all for once, but these were still very poorly thought, so I decided it was better to postpone them just one time again than to release them in that state (and twenty-nine is a nice number already). Also, no Excerpts yet. Maybe I'm not that ready for them.

The whole month I was expecting grand new motifs to show up, though there was not a particularly novel one I can think of. There's some december quintessences I've given some paliative names, and I tried to charge some of the january's (and they weren't posted yet), but nothing that I can feel that feeling of refreshment, like a new important technique that will affect the running of the machine. Maybe I've been getting so good at mining motifs that I don't get as impressed as I used to be. Or maybe I have to make some effort to look for new grounds to tread, though I've been improving some of the current ones, like the idea of quintessences and also crests. No, it's a lie, I've just been toying around with their potential, and tasting all the things I could do with them in my mind, god it's amazing.

Also, although I procrastinated all over again, I felt it's still easy for me to get on the mood of writing (a spin that doesn't decrease speed, so maybe there's a planner's skill for writing I've been practicing unconsciously), though of course the little amount of time available makes me hurry and that ruins just too much of my work already. However, if I only get myself to work better on that and let things season some more (and yes, recall the forgotten, dormant Seasoning), I'll be much, much more pleased with the result.

So now I'm settling for my first goal this year on this blog, to defeat Procrastinator (though I have yet another enemy to defeat in my personal life with some urgence).

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