Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Checkpoint #25

April was a happy month. It’s been quite a while since I last felt so good about myself for so long. Something I did in March was so amazing that the scourgers were almost instantaneously defeated. I guess I just finally learned not to care. And it was such a nuclear surgery that I feel I was definitely healed from most mental conditions troubling me these past months. Ilium scores!

It would have been glorious if it wasn’t for two things. At least scourgers were sent astray, but Hrungnir became particularly scary and the constant colics and abdominal pain prevented me from making a good use of my time (and not being able to do some things, like finishing my texts in here, indicates an invasion of Ilium and failing of the flames). And Helminth seemed to have his part on it as I had to be careful with my emotions, so Vesta had to go alone in the duty of trying to defeat and encage the beast, but he was always returning. How could this fucker be brought down? At least now I’m finally learning of its true weak points and so I’m almost vanquishing him too. And Vesta is learning a lot from that, and she was forced to develop her skills with the spells, I hope Hephaestus can benefit from that.

The second thing, again I’m noticing a pattern similar to February. As more comfortable I feel about myself, the more I’m prone to not do my job here. And so there are so few texts again, and I feel really incapable of writing great amount of texts or even feeling willing to do so.

Although I’m to be blamed, not talking about a lot of the recent thoughts was fortunate to fit this new concern, namely Hermetic Rule, which is going to be the characteristic aspect of my thoughts this month. I lost several ideas because of this concern with figuring out these joints, but once I find the right foundations, it’ll be worth it.

Though in the last minute the magic happened and I managed to make one of the best Needlework efforts I feel I’ve ever done (also because of the small amount of texts), I am feeling this is standing in my way. I have to take care of my health and I have other projects and classes to attend to as I focus on my Vitruvian Rule, so this is being pretty much a heavy obligation beeping in my head constantly. This isn’t being as fun and enthralling as it used be, but as I don’t want to give up nor get sick of it, I will keep it low, very low.

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