Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of dry zephyrous springs

 Producing ideas seems to follow very similar patterns to any other form of admiinistrative businesses. Management and stocking of resources, for instance, are also a present issue I have to deal with. From time to time, I notice my stockade resources seems to start running short. There's a season of weak zephyrous harvest, and it affects the quantity and quality of my thoughts.

I get dry on inspiration, and I can sip no ideas from my mind. And the thirstier I get, the worst it is to keep trying to force the engine any further. There's nothing to say, and when I have no word is coming I keep writing down the word “quintessenceless”. Forcing my mind to work with such dry springs makes me feel very much anxious and frustrated.

It gets impossible to relax and concentrate. Whole nights come and go and no trance give its grace. When there's a moment that would in another time mean the approximation of a trance rain to spring life back in me, the only appearance is of something blank. It's like a dark-clouded storm that only delivers a harmless brizzle.

Though Raseri admited he couldn't rule Ilium by himself, and has given the Fire Ensemble the chance to rebuild Ilium, Hephaestus wasn't in contempt with the conditions. His working hours were too rigid, the approved projects were going through so much bureaucracy, and his productivity was at his worst.

In times like these, there's not much to do besides going for references, and so Hephaestus asked for Vesta to help him use the budget to rebuild his library. So I went for studies to fill myself again – watching movies and documentaries, reading books and articles, and also keeping introspective research and meditation to maintain all my feelings sorted out. I've just got to go around study, inquiring and searching the world for more and more.

That is, of course, if I have some natural willing and energy to do that. But I'm doing it just under orders of Vesta, who's still bound by Raseri's will. After all, he's got an army of his own, and his orders are to see Hepheastus help him make Lazuria burn.

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