Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of Vesta's Minute

 Dexterity is one of those words that one day I suddenly realize it just doesn't hung around my mind very much, and after some time I understand why. Usually I siege those problems for a while, trying to make up for that mistake. And so that's a skill I rarely ever seem to possess, unless if I'm under some trance state, and I've been working to make it be constantly more present.

In my normal state, unadulterated by determination, I'm just sluggish and clumsy. My time is wasted in a 80% (recently worse) due to that. I just feel overwhelmed by so much to do, and I do so little. By realizing such an inelegant or disgraceful trait of mine, I've started doing once in a while something I've been calling the Vesta's Minute.

Whenever I'm almost desperately overwhelmed by too many things to be done under such a short amount of time (I've brought it upon myself), I use this rush of dexterity I just need to perform this little activity and notice it won’t take as much time as I thought. Really, things don't take much of our time as we initially suppose them to.

I perform the Vesta's Minute by counting down every second, and so my perfomance increases a thousandfold. I still don't have enough energy or motivation to concentrate and focus myself like that for a longer time period. It's hard to expand it past to half an hour, but I'll practice developing into days or weeks, months and hopefully years. I think I can make up for all the hollow years of my existence.

In a time where Raseri's incompetence as a leader is bringing a civil war, Vesta's secret group of resistance has the Fire Ensemble meeting again in hiding, and Hephaestus is slowly studying the ways to rebuild and renovate his facilities. Zhu Rong can just do his short sprint, but it's enough to battle their way back against Raseri. All the while, she's also helping Trygve to recover the last abscission demons.  

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