Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of (opened) Abscission Arks

 This time of the year is usually when the Reaping happens, and when I sense this time approaching is when I am recalled to my Abscission Arks. They are where I store all my doubts, traumas and insecurities. Getting them closed means I'm okay with them, but this time of the year it seems to be when they're opened.

Apparently what I have to do is to go around finding all the demons that broke loose from their arks. They give power to my enemies as all these personal, romantic, social, artistic, professional and existencial insecurities that I have are brought up and flood Ilium from its protection.

It's by going after them, picturing and visualizing them and making my own trial of inspection for every problem that I can find peace again. Otherwise, these mischevous beings will keep pestering me, clouding up, clogging up my thoughts, and preventing me from having acchieving any productivity at all.

The Arks are stored in Ilium, in the depths of a hidden cave guarded by Trygve's troops. When he's short of power, the guard lowers and it's easy for them to be stolen, and that's what happened. Maybe the power from these dark spirits diminished as I grew as a person this year, and when I make mistakes their locks get weaker, but even if they break loose and there's the growing intensity of Zhàn's repression every year, this isn't much of a terrible war as last year (in fact, here my second world war wasn't more or even as savage as the first one).

There's no denying my Abscission Arks are a literal copy of Pandora's Box, but the final result is how it suddenly became similar, and it was not my intent from the start. I actually had it first called Abscission Well, and when I thought of it being like Arks I didn't even think about it. Just now when I thought of it being a nice way to represent my need to deal with this issue of my problems, being trapped and guarded and now loose again, that I noticed I was just using the same formula.

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