Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of String Feeders

 Hardly I find I will ever be able to make this stringing thing perfect as I wish it to be. It's like a very complex machinery, all full of circuits and hydraulics I have to operate manually. That's just too demanding, rigid and severe, and I feel that maybe I don't even need to go all that far to get my point through.

Perhaps I won’t need to be so neurotic about having every string exchanged through. I think I might just need the main veins and arteries figured out. This is pretty much similar to learning anatomy for drawing. It's good to know all bones and muscles, but not all of them are even visible or have actual relevance to making beautiful human figures.

It's ok to turn off these feeders I call strings, as most of it is to make the physics work properly without much being lost except disposable details of unresolved subtleties, which will occur anyway. The only and most important part is to get the main message working accordingly to the stringed subject.

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