Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of Hrungnir Species

 The most characterizing aspect of dealing with such problem as Hrungnir, is that I feel dozens of variations of it. If I eat I feel something, if I don't I feel something else. If I eat something in particular there's another discomfort or pain. If I eat a certain combination of food or then in a particular dose or order, I'll feel different side effects.

Luckily for a whole month now I've been feeling it very much weaker, thank you. Eating alone has been feeling like a nice treatment to my symptoms, even though I'm living to feed my stomach and I still get no weight at all...

But the point is, there are occasional Hrungnir appearances here and there. Thanks to these sporadic events, I've been getting more capable of discerning the differences while I have some bitter recalls of still having to face them.

There is one that makes me feel like abdominal muscles are twisting all around each other, and they're kind of bloated and yet empty – I call it the Wrapper. I feel another one that's similar but there are more contractions I feel my belly roaring – so that's Roarer. These two aren't necessarily dangerous, they sign incoming problems, but it's more sounds and slight disturbances, not exactly pain. These two following are my actual nightmares: Waver and Stinger. Waver is almost similar to Wrapper, but it's like colics and this one does affect my mood significantly. Stinger is like a very acute pain right there in my intestines. The mere emptiness of being some five hours without eating (or when I am going to sleep or get up in the morning), it's the feeling similar to hunger (though sometimes without appetite), the Hrungnir leader, and I'll call it the Void, and it's like a step above Wrapper and Roarer. If I let Void be in power for too long, all others can break loose and it's harder to defeat them, specially Waver (Stinger seems to come only in certain occasions, depending on something I've eaten).

It seems there are not much of a cure to this, as far as to this point. There's no weapon capable of putting them at bay, or poisoning them away. It's just constant work and vigilance, a repeated routine of slashing the incoming waves and working out the strategy of keeping the stronger Hrungnir leader in prison (always having a sandwich nearby). It's really been by keeping Void trapped that I can manage to make others more disoriented.

The problem, though, is that eating makes me feel sleepy and tired. I feel a level of fatigue that's unsurmountable and unbearable. I feel very, very dizzy and times passes by without the treasured enjoyment I seek. These utgard scourgers are also making it very hard to live by, but at least this is where I am still able to maintain some restrict discipline.

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