Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of Sfayi's Garden

 Not sure if most ideas I have are supposed to be actual work of mine or just pheripheral daydreaming that just happens to be useful somehow to the main play. And so I fill myself with little ideas that, ok, to be fair, they make it look a tad more beautiful. Like the “personal stars” side-project, the idea of Sfayi's Garden is also about little meaningful little easter eggs.

In Sfayi's Garden is where I would depict loves and crushes of my life. They're flowers, just like I use gems for crests. So there is the prairy daisy, lily, jasmine, orchid, black rose, night ivy... I justs choose those flowers by doing something similar to the stringing process, I just see how the feeling I get feels like if it was a flower.

Each one is one different girl, a different and unique type of femininity, a different personality, their own worldview, a beauty of each own. They end up also being sprouts of different kinds of girls I like. Cute and shy, tomboyish and extrovert, mature or espontaneous. All of them who just brought scents, zephyrous, refreshing perfumes to my life. One interesting note is that, in the deepest depths of my soul, they all reverberate at least one similar note inside me, and I recognize it to be the amethyst gem.

Some of them have hurt me already, and some still do... but they're beautiful the same. For some reason I can't still see, I've chosen Sfayi instead of Áine. Maybe it's this little pungent feeling that's inherent to all romantic relationships. This romantic love isn't cheerful and a naïve play.

In a way, this garden would actually be some sort of cemetery... All for past loves, all relationships that didn't work despite our effort, or ended for no reason at all or never even happened in the first place. It's a cemetery, and it's supposed to be buried.

And the last demon is sealed.

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