Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of Áine’s Fire

This Violet Flame represents the passion, generosity, sensibility, hope and love. It’s the the desire to do good, to help and to leave this world in a better situation than before. The music that represents Áine leave me in a good mood and smell of flowers, as they easily help me create soundtracked mindscapes when surrounded by nature. They’re in general traditional songs or music that feature pianos, violins and female vocalists. Shrinking Violet, by Mostly Autumn and Lelita Saftita by Anton Pann are two of my hymns to Áine.

As a character, this is a beautiful and delicate woman who dresses the colors of nature. She is patient and peaceful, though all others obey her, as she can have respectful power.

The beautifulness of the delicate and the attractiveness of the diversity is one of the ways that this energy is born from, seeing all the colors and shades and tones, all the shapes and forms, though it’s certain attitudes from other people that make this flame truly burns.

This is clearly my unrepressed feminine side, maybe even my developed anima. When unleashing her power, I’ve noticed I had a taste for colorful flowers like I never thought I’d ever have. It’s interesting how this isn’t at all disconnected to my love for the female form, but pretty much on the contrary.

She shares Hephaestus’ wide interest towards the world and she prevents Trygve’s fury from being damageful. In fact, both Trygve and Zhu Rong are opposites to her. Trygve is the dark to her light, and Zhu Rong is the masculinity to her feminity. With Vesta, Áine borrows temperance to her forgiveness.

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