Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of the pain that we spread

Looking back at our history, one of the main themes we can see is how much people suffered. It’s simply everywhere people dying and starving, all because of poverty and war. But not only that, we’re cruel beings that know people can suffer and make the best of us to make them feel pain.

It’s really amazing to study around torture devices and see how creative we are when it comes to thinking of ways to make them feel the worst pain conceivable. It’s almot unbelievable the amount of effort one can dedicate to the single purpose of making others suffer the worst of things, with the care of trying not to let them escape to death in the process.

What could possibly trigger this? How is that love isn’t more valuable than hate? Why do we despise gay love? What harm are they doing to us? Shouldn’t we actually despise those who make wars instead of badging them with honors?

And here is where I beg myself and everybody to please, stop spreading it. Mankind does terrible things, but being cynical about it all the time isn’t helping things out. It’s what I’ve once meant a long time ago with a post about acceptance. The world is full of shit, but if we don’t surrender to it, to all this generalized hate and despise, I think it’s one of the best things we can do in our lives.

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