Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of Trygve’s Fire

This Eerie Green Flame represents the hardening, resistance, the respect for pain and suffering as a mean for engrandment of the soul. It’s the desire to not let even pain to be untasted, and to be able to not give up at the sight of pain ahead. The music that represents Trygve are the ones that sound bitter to my heart. They are heavy and disturbing, and mostly in metal form, and yet, there they light up my spirit. Bring ‘Em Alive by Audioslave, Thorn Clown by Pain of Salvation, Orgasmatron by Motörhead are some of my hymns to Trygve.

As a character, this is a man with wild, scarred eyes. The sorrow that fuels his pain isn’t to be used lightly and it’s dangerous to go around desiring it, but he’s able not to fear it, so to transform it into a motivational force that twists the suicidal despair.

It’s the beatings of the world that forced me to summon this energy, as to show my face and dare it to hit me harder. It’s the sense of realism I can’t ignore, all the suffering and pain, all the broken and rotting things. It’s the crest of pain that makes me realize we’re just flesh that can be opened and torn apart and accept it, as Áine is there working against him to prevent me from being a cynical and hopeless human being.

He shares Zhu Rong’s courage and determination, and seems to be under influence of Vesta, as an agent of balance for Áine and Hephaestus, though he also had influence from them and he protects them in his own way. He shares Hephaestus’ pride and sense of ambition and  accomplishment towards strange answers and solutions for problems, and helps him to stay focused. He also helps Áine to develop her sense of empathy.

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