Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of trees

As I’ve been using my planner’s eye and the layered method on trees to try practicing drawing them whilst not being able to actually draw them, I’ve been starting to nurture a certain passion for these little pieces of life. It’s really amazing for me all the different ways plants have evolved and developed.

I love all those trees that are really majestic, and also those, in contrast, that look shy-looking, just trying not to call attention. Some grow tall, so tall, others so short, they want to keep it close to the ground. Some are so young, and others so bitter in their leaflessness. Some grow thorns to prevent you from touching them, while others have this smooth, almost slippery bark. Some are so ominous looking while their eerie silhouette hides the moon, while others are found of growing vivid green leaves. Some like it dark, some compete about their floweriness…

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