Thursday, March 1, 2012

Checkpoint #11

February makes it look like a tradition. One I don't want to keep. I can't say I really feel sorry for not including Vesta as it'd be much wiser to let my thoughts on her charge some more. She's the one that truly needs it. After all, it's really embarrassing to write about things at the same time my writing doesn't show them. Also, I kind of feel glad how I managed to compose Trygve's and Zhu Rong's phrases. Trygve's Trial was a last minute conception and it made it all into place, something I've been struggling to do throughout the whole month.

Now I can say there were discoveries of the month, but they were all there with Vesta. She gathers my attempt to write about some thoughts I've been brewing in my mind in the last months. It's interesting, though, how the way I name things have changed. Not really pleased as they're not easy to handle around as before, but at least they were named alright. It seems that as time passes by, it gets much harder to tame a quintessence...

Interesting, I'm not really as bothered as I thought I would be. It seems my writing sessions for Trygve lighted me up. Maybe it's because I got it out of the way, even though I wish I was done with the whole Fire Ensemble for once and work on new things, or have my mind finally free. But eh, it's done, I failed. Procrastinator has won, but I'm going to persist, and I've got some ideas to fight him, and it's the chance to try it. This defeat is only going to make the victory even more delicious.

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