Sunday, April 1, 2012

Checkpoint #12

March was a month for an accepted tradition. I’ve come to find the release in the last minute very good for seasoning habits. That’s some systematic feedback, who would guess procrastinator would do me good, heh. So although I’ve faltered sometimes, I’m glad I’ve truly managed to win some battles against procrastinator. Finally I’m beginning to turn the table to my favor.

I’m very satisfied with the score. Not only I felt productive, but also I felt the martial exercise to have them seasoned good. Thanks to wisewalking I managed not to lose much time with mournings and laments (only the necessary to mine some strength from it). Writing down every little realization was very effective too, as out of all these seeds some seemed to require only the jotting down for them to be developed, and I wonder if some wouldn’t be lost if it wasn’t for it. All in all, it seems I’m getting more fluent in the chasing of sylvan quintessences and quintessential conversion.

This time there wasn’t only one discovery, but truly several important ones. Taking Behavioral Knowledge out of the candidates as it belong to the distant december, march’s were all intertwined, so Wisewalking and Garnets and Martial Reinforcement were equally important to create this spell (Quintessential Conversion was the very first one from the first day of the month, but I couldn’t have it charged much further). Thanks to it, against all odds I’m fighting to feel this awesome trance more frequently. It results in Trygve having his role downgraded, but his energy persists in this superflame as I’ve been feeling like listening to his songs much more frequently. It’s been working in a well-balanced way so far. So much that in fact one of these days when I was done with the resourcing phase and started writing I noticed how rusty I was. But a nightwalk was all that I needed to somehow control the quintessence back to the trance that I needed to perform the quintessential rule.

Something else worth mentioning is how useful it was for making of march a month exclusively for Vesta, as it showed she is not powerful alone. I was wondering how I was going to talk about some subjects now all I had to talk about was Vesta’s doings. It turned out I was able to talk about everything still, from Hephaestus to Zhu Rong, all while being overseen by Vesta. Her phrase turned out to be this one, a travel through all flames now with rationality being emphasized. The whole month I tried to have her summoned by my side, and it turned out to be a good exercise, as I forced myself to face some things better. That brought me the chance to make it a good end to this whole months dedicated to the Fire Ensemble (as I could use the chance to bring things I forgot to say about the other flames), as it also helped me set the tone for the next months. I’ve been worried about how it would be a good ending, I have traumas with bad endings, but I guess überflammen was a simple yet nice way to do it. Maybe I haven’t had it materialized as I imagined it, but it was a good exercise still.

It’s somewhat relieving, as I’d been worried about how I’d go on without working the definition of the flames. Now it seems it’s the model to go, always trying to make it Vesta’s month. In the next new chances I’ll keep on fighting the procrastination while I’ll also be practicing some leitmotifing. It’ll be good to see how each month’s group of posts could work tied together. It’s a nice exercise to practice storytelling. It’s exciting to think dream and the reality could be connected through this bridge, but I’ll not hurry. The bridge must be built patiently, now I’m confident I’m knowing the road better.

To help me be inspired and willing to keep on fighting for my good fate, nature brought me good news: autumn is back. I love you autumnal colors and this chilly air again up my nostrils. It’s been one year already since I’ve declared my love for this season, and so, so much has changed. So we’re getting to April, which is the first month that will find itself repeated since the birth. Maybe I’ll begin to realize the advancements now and I hope Hephaestus’ season will help me with that.

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