Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Leitmotifing

One of latest abilities I’ve discovered to be developable is this attempt to connect all these texts together, making it all a tight package without loose ends. I wouldn’t find many other exercises more worthy to develop storytelling skills.

I find it great the way it feels to have these ideas connecting together, to find parts of the current idea neighboring all those others, and how it’s feeling possible to sharpen my mind even more for this skill. It looks like a precious tool to use.

Strictly sequential chainposting isn’t so essential now all these posts from the beginning towards the end of the month are all chained in one mass. Of course, maybe if it wasn’t for chainposting throughout all these moments trying to connect them sequentially I wouldn’t be able to do the leitmotifing now. But with leitmotifing I can try some more sophisticated sequentialities other than the simple linear one. So it might some kind of natural evolution, though I don’t find posts scattered randomly to be a pleasant sight.

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