Monday, April 30, 2012

Of the subtleties that ruin me

One of the unexpected positive feedbacks that I get from working here is how fortunately solid these ideas are. Maybe because I’m patiently expanding the trodden grounds and paying attention to the correlations, they seem to intertwine really well. However, there’s always some little things troubling me, little details that doesn’t seem to fit.

That’s what’s important about meeting with people who don’t understand your ideas well, they see these little subtleties I’m ignoring. I should be careful with the complex of persecution, as they can also point me the cracks in the structure. For instance, what’s the relation between Fire Ensemble and Spells? Is Hephaestus a spell turned a being through some apotheosis? Are spells cast by these personified flames? And if I create a dissidence from one of these quintessence, can’t they be dismembered indefinitely?

Of course, I should be forgiven for not having all the edges polished yet. I’m doing the best I can, and these subtleties are what require the most accurate sensibility. But it’s not as if I can really ignore them for too long, that’s for sure. After all, by following the logic of the Cracked Arguments, these unfitting subtleties hidden under the carpet are to be surfaced if I want to keep expanding my grounds.

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