Monday, April 30, 2012

Of syntonization of mental frequencies

My ideas and feelings usually change along with time. I don’t know if it’s the natural evolution or the interference of my observations, but there are some moments along the process when the quintessences show some strange behaviors.

Some past generations of mine possessed some peculiar abilities, such as the wide-awake dreams, the instant resolve, or the songs my heart would sing. I’m no longer able to reproduce these like I did in last November. However, instead of believing it was but a delirium of my mind, it feels to me the mind is able to produce those things according to the frequencies of the mind.

These strange powers from the past now became treasured, specially these songs I’m calling Musical Quintessences. However, these shining powers belong to the past, and I’m yet to find how to make an expedition to my past generations. If only I could unlock them again. What would be the way to transition between these stations at my own will? Increasing sensibility and recalling crests would seem to be the first guessed approach.

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