Monday, April 30, 2012

Of one (very) solid reality

The subjectivity in the world is sometimes more highlighted than it should. So much it’s being destroyed as it becomes an excuse for whatever wicked attitude questioned. No, subjectivity has one meaning that’s exactly what’s being lost in the process. Subjectivity didn’t ever mean the inexistence of a very solid reality.

What we are doing with the misuse of subjectivity is to bend the reality just to avoid facing hard truths. And the hard truth is that the world is much more objective than we would like it to be. There are things we don’t like thinking, and yet they are there, out of existence for us as we distort the whole reality to avoid seeing them.

There you have time and space, it’s all very solid. All things that are happening (even in the subjective mind), all the places in the universe, all those things happening for a fact. But it’s too much for our mind. There’s the unexpected positive feedback that is how most relevant events have a tendency to be recorded, but just imagine how tormenting it would be for historians to think that 99% of the events and details of the past world of mankind are forever lost. 

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