Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Inspirational Trance

Art has always marveled me. And while I was seeing all these touching stories and images and songs people have crafted, I knew, I felt I would never be able to do the same, because everything I touch has this lukewarmness to it. Always too amateurish, too mundane to belong.

But the ideas of trances and quintessential rules have finally helped me to overcome this fear. I can write good stories and interesting texts if I’m inspired enough and as long as I have something to say (usually those things I’ve touched that felt hateful where mostly because I hadn’t been canalizing a quintessence into it to create the gusto effect).

There was a time when I wouldn’t think I could accomplish those things I’m doing now. Even now, sometimes, it still baffles me how I came to do those things, to even keep it alive for so long. Also, when in this trance, I don’t feel like striving for death, as it nulls that need.

It’s one of the single missions I must do every day, to engage in this moment of inspiration. While I can achieve these trances, this project is secure, and the future is to prosper. All I have to do is to summon Hephaestus. I don’t know how to do this manually, but it happens often enough. My curiosity and interest seem to be a firmly installed program, fortunately.

Once I’m in this trance, everything happens easily. When it happens, I simply know what to do, what must be improved and polished. It’s a moment when everything is meaningful. Motifs are born like exploding fireworks, and I fill dozens of pages in my little notepad. It’s in moments like this that I know I can do anything I want.

As it requires a certain love and confidence in myself, I must be careful when it comes the pain that Trygve can harvest. Complete escapism from surface aren’t too positive either, as after I’ve been in the work or with my friends, the following moments after extroversion, seem to enhance the loudening’s zone.

There’s a returning quintessence here, and it’s what I’ve once called Nirvanic Concentration. It’s really the same, as the Trance seems to even enhance the loudening’s zone. It’s just weird that it felt really hard to describe back then, but it feels so much more comfortable now.

As a side note, there’s a trance for every flame. Hephaestus might bring the thirst for knowledge that this blog needs, but also there’s a clear trance for Áine and Trygve. For instance, Áine’s Flood is that intense moment of passionate empathy I have for others, and there’s also Trygve’s Harvest, when I can seem to deal with dark emotions more efficiently. It’s a little more complicated to distinguish any burning quintessence when it comes to Zhu Rong and Vesta, though. Maybe it’s the physical disposition and the calm tranquility even when storms are raging around.

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